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Blade Clashing & New Saber Mechanics
Basically when two people swing at the same time, or within a certain time frame that's close together, the blades would clash off each other and not inflict any damage (or possibly just minimal damage.) This is just to encourage people to also use force powers along with their saber attacks. Perhaps to balance this and not just drag out fights, a stamina bar could be added. Maybe every time you clash blades with someone else, the stamina meter will go down slightly. When the bar runs out, you can no longer block attacks due to fatigue. People will have to use a variety of force powers to evade their opponent to regenerate enough stamina if they want to block any more attacks.

   Along with this system, different types of hilts could be added and also different types of stats per saber. Depending on the length of the light saber's blade could determine how far you can hit. But in order to balance this out, perhaps light sabers with a shorter blade can swing much faster and a longer blade would swing slower than an average blade or short blade. I think this could fit in quite nicely with 1.11's new combat system and could also balance things out. Going back to the hilts, different kinds of hilts or modifications could be added like a pike in order to increase range, but it would slow down your attack speed.

I was also thinking of ways that players could also adjust their saber's stats. There could be different modifications or augmentations you could put on your saber to adjust different things. An example would be some kind of modification to increase attack damage, but doing so would also lower it's attack speed - you get the general idea.

EDIT: I plan to add more detail to the thread, this is just a rough idea I came up with.
Hmm I like the direction, idk how willing we would be to make "augmentations" to sabers but maybe we could think about doing different stats for certain types of blades and overall make a system that encourages more force power usage with lightsabers. All something to think about for sure.
Definitely something I'd like to look into in the future.

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