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some more or less pertinants questions
I already post this on minecraftforum.net, and after reading this forum content, a copy past with modifications:

Hi guys, many questions from France.

First of all, I would like to thank you because this mod it truly the best I've never played. keep going on, waiting for 2.0 !!

I'm stuck on many question that I can't answer, I've started the Jedi quest and:
• I found many Kyber Crystal Ore, but it won't melt in a furnace, or anything, how can I do it ? (find the answer, it will be added in 2.0 release)
• According to your Wiki, to make a Lightsaber, we needs some stuff that are on planet Hoth, Endor, Yavin 4 and Kashyyyk. do I have to start a rebel quest or can I find a way to go to those planets without it ?

I notice a couple of bad situations:
• When the Jedi Master give us the Holocrons, we have Force XP, but still no power. when we use the keys "G" or "H" in this situation (when we haven't enable any Force power yet) the game crash.
• one time on two, my ship disappears after a lightspeed travel.
• every time I go on Ilum, I spawn IN the wall, one time on two, I die before I can go out of it.
• I died many time because I was stuck in a hole with a land speeder, or just right next to it, I think that the fact we can go through vehicles is a bad thing.

Thank you for any answer, hope it'll be nice to keep on the adventure !!
c'est par ce que l'on joue au même jeu que les frontières s'amincissent !

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