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Noob question from a noob
I downloaded the mod, got it working and have been messing around with some exploring on "earth".  I jumped into creative just to explore some of the other planets, too.  My question is this.  How (or where) do I get a ship to get to Tatooine without spawning one in creative?  I wanted to do up some videos for my Youtube channel and I wanted them to be as genuine as possible.  Thanks in advance and this is one great mod!
If you mean a hyperdrive I think you need to craft it
(04-30-2017, 04:01 PM)Maxtrixire Wrote: If you mean a hyperdrive I think you need to craft it

Yeah, I know that I have to craft a hyperdrive, but then I need a ship in order to utilize the hyperdrive, right?  Do ships appear in the wild or do I have to craft that, too?
Ships are faction specific at the moment so you need to get to a base and join a faction. Except for the Skyhopper which spawns naturally in the large homesteads on Tatooine.
Okay, so I don't need a ship to get to Tatooine, but after that I need a ship, which I can find on Tatooine. Thanks for the quick replies and keep up the great work!
Ok i am dumb I can't use a ship in survival mode can't get in it can't use hyperactive. How do I do this?
The only survival ship that doesn't require a faction and the corresponding license earned from completing that faction's quest is the Skyhopper at the moment

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