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Long List Of Great Suggestions
   1.Addition of Imperial/rebel transport ships that will invade you if youre an enemy of the faction.
   When a ship arrives you will here a sound/get a messege in chat of the arrival of the ship and you will need to go and clear out
   all the enemies there.
   2.Currently in the mod the hyperdrives bring you straight to the planet it self, but in the star wars movies/comics when you go to "lightspeed" you get in orbit      near the planet and from there you can get into the planet surface by flying straight into the planet . so maybe add a orbit dimension to evrey planet.
   if the planet is controlled by the empire there will be star destroyers in orbit,npc dogfights etc...
   If it a planet with rings you may be abble to mine them for matirels
   3.Traders- sometimes you will get a messege in the chat about a near by trader from a certien planet.
   He will spawn near you about 10-200 blocks and have trades for you.
   4.custom ships/clothes/droids. you could change the color of your clothes,the symobls. your ships droids etc... 
Regarding 1: maybe they will add it, but it would be hard to code

Reguarding 2: Okay, that would be really hard to code, but AWESOME. Maybe in the future they could do it. Hey, they wouldn't be the first, galacticraft has already done it!

Regarding 3: Would be awesome, kind of like in no man's sky

Regarding 4: Would be pretty easy to code, but up to the devs

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