Droid Production?
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Droid Building
I was recently Watching Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, and got to thinking, wouldn't it be really cool to amass your own robot army? Well of course it would! but unfortunately you cant exactly do that in real life. But in Minecraft you can! I suggest the addition of an automated factory block that can be filled with materials and pump out droids of your choosing from the star wars universe. The droids could be set as followers and work as your army and fight for you. Of course it would be somewhat op having your own army, so it could be nerfed by making the production cost in materials high for each droid.  

     On a side note i also noticed that although the world of PSWM was quite lively and intricate, the npcs, where somewhat static and lifeless (no offense of course as i understand the difficulty of making entity's entirely as i have started making my own mods and have on several occasions, felt like hitting my head against a wall) i think that if npcs in PSWM were to act more random, and break out into gunfights, or if they were seen eating and drinking in bars, and maybe if there was a cantina band, the world might seem even more alive than it already does.
We definitely want to make NPC's have more random AI, but that will be a complicated endeavor. As for droids, we'll have to think about it
The AI would definitely be something I'm on board with, but the only thing would be is that it would take time. Droid production has been on my mind too, but I don't think it'd be a block. Would probably be automated somehow though.

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