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Several In-game questions
Q1. I accidentally removed (broke in creative) the Jedi Quest Giver on Dagobah (Yoda), and was wondering how to return him to his position.

Q2. [Spoiler for Sith] I "hear a dark whisper" but cannot figure out how to answer the whisper. Can anyone tell me how?

Q3. Is there any way to completely reset a Quest Log?

Q4. Is it possible to return to "Neutral Alignment", and how is this possible?

If I find more to ask, I will post them here
So good questions.

1. If you want him back, you'll have to get a mod like NEI that exposes all mod items and then just replace him in the spot that you need him in.

2. If you're talking about becoming a sith then when you reach level 35 and get the dialogue to turn to the darkside then just click the option that is corresponding to the sith.

3. There is not, unfortunately you have to get a new one, but this is something we are not a huge fan of, and in the process of making 2.0 we are trying to make the questing system as a whole much more robust.

4. Again, unfortunately there is not because of how we made the questlog, but you can change factions by accepting the recruiter mission and then the subsequent other faction's quests.
Thank you for your reply!

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